Center for Cardiometabolic Science

Envirome Institute

University of Louisville


Professor and Director
Dr. Jones is an expert in cardiac function, and explores the structure-function relationship of the heart.

Professor and Associate Director
Dr. Hill focuses on the influence of metabolism on cardiovascular remodeling and health.

Assistant Professor
Dr. Baba investigates the biochemical mechanisms regulating cardiac and skeletal muscle function under physiological and pathological conditions.

Assistant Professor
Dr. Carll investigates how inhaled toxins impair cardiac and autonomic function.

Assistant Professor
Dr. Collins investigates sex differences underlying cardiovascular health and disease.

Dr. Conklin addresses how environmental pollutants damage the vasculature.

Assistant Professor
Dr. Haberzettl addresses environmental cues that impact insulin signaling in the vasculature.

Associate Professor
Dr. Hellmann focuses on resolution biology and how physical activity undergirds health.

Associate Professor
Dr. Moore interrogates the consequences of changes in collagen organization in the heart.

Assistant Professor
Dr. Nong develops and implements in vivo models to support the Center.

Associate Professor
Dr. Nystoriak elucidates the metabolic cues regulating coronary blood flow.

Assistant Professor
Dr. Sansbury addresses the immunologic determinants of cardiovascular disease.

Associate Professor
Dr. Wysoczynski investigates how the immune system influences ventricular remodeling.

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